About Me

Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

Hello, my name is Skye and I started up Skye's Pet care back in September 2019. I have always loved caring for all kinds of animals, it is my passion. I wanted to use my previous experiences and qualifications to start up my own pet care business so I could provide high standards of care to pets across Milton Keynes and bring peace of mind to owners knowing that their pets are in good hands.  

I’ve worked in animal care since 2014 and have a diploma in animal management but have been looking after pets my whole life. Before doing this I worked for 3 years in an animal rescue working with all kinds of animals with different needs. I learnt most of my skills while working here and have a good understand of each pet as they all have their own needs and characteristics. Before that I worked on an open farm where I gained most of my people skills while caring for all of the farm animals.


I currently have 4 of my own pets. Buster is my Bichon frise cross who is 9 years old, he likes to be pampered and spend the day in bed. I also have 2 rescue Siamese cats, a mother and daughter pair called Tea and Biscuit, they were both extremely nervous when we adopted them but with time they have opened up and showed us their naughty Siamese ways. Last but not least is my guinea pig, Gingee. He has a lot of character for such a small animal, he will do anything for his food and loves to do zoomies and chase the cats. 


People who know me would describe me as kind, patient and down to earth. I make sure to treat every animal no matter how big or small the same way I would treat my own pets, with love and kindness. Whether it’s walking your dog, feeding your cat, or taking care of your pet while you’re away, I always provide a nurturing and safe environment. I am fully insured and DBS checked and am also trained in K9 first aid. I have done a course in basic dog training and reading dog body language. I have cared for many species, from dogs and cats to goats and alpacas to tortoises and iguanas. So you can be assured no matter what pet you need looking after they will receive the highest standards of care.